Summer Sun Tea

Does anything define summer more than an icy cold glass of refreshing iced tea? Even better if it’s homemade.

I bet you didn’t realize it was so easy to make! Now you can look like the new Martha Stewart while it’s brewing, and sit back and relax with a glass (or two) because it is literally effortless!

Homemade Sun Tea

1. You will need a sun tea jar. You can find them at Target for about $5-$8. Or you can use smaller mason jars, or get a fancy, glass one at many home stores like Pottery Barn.

2. Fill with water.

3. Add approximately 8-10 tea bags, depending how strong you like your tea. (you might have to adjust after your first brew).

4. Get fun with fruit! We like to slice up and add a lemon, but you can try lots – like the rhubarb recipe we recently posted, strawberries, lime, mint – the ideas are endless!

5. Let it ‘sun’ on your window sill or balcony for the entire day (at least 8-9 hours). I usually put mine out in the morning so it is ready when I get home!

6. Squeeze out the excess tea in the tea bags and remove.

7. Chill and store in the fridge for an icy-cool beverage when you want! VIOLA!!

Photo: Joanne Gilman


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