What’s in Season – Cantaloupes!

Mmmmmm nothing quenches your thrist on a hot summer day like cold melon. And today we’re talking about Cantaloupes! They are in season


and plentiful throughout the store – so order one today for some snack by the pool or sprinklers later tonight!

Remember, cantaloupes are already picked ripe, so make sure to cut it up once you get it, and store any left overs in the fridge.

Not the biggest fan of cantaloupe? Try it with other flavors!

I never used to be a big cantaloupe eater, but my favorite during summer is to pair it with proscuitto and and hard cheese. The melon compliments the meat and cheese and is a little party in your mouth. Give it a try!

Or try sprinkling a few pieces into your next grilled chicken salad. Cantaloupe and meats pair well!

Photo: Courtesy of bigredkitchen.com

To order some cantaloupe and other fresh produce, visit www.myshopwise.com!


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